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The Clear Communication Awards are an initiative of three Melbourne professionals, each with a distinctive skill set. More details about Carolyn, Joh and Carol are below. All are available to speak at your next event.

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Carolyn Alexander, Wheatfield Communications
Communications specialist
Joh Kirby, Kirby Governance
Lawyer and plain language advocate
Carol Mackay, Design Business Council
Design thought leader

Carolyn Alexander

Director, Wheatfield Communications

Carolyn Alexander is an award-winning journalist and communications specialist who works with businesses and individuals on their short-term projects, including plain language materials. She has managed promotions for the Herald Sun, organised events attended by up to 10,000 people and judged numerous awards including Victoria Law Foundation’s Legal Reporting Awards.

Joh Kirby

Director, Kirby Governance

Joh Kirby is past Executive Director of the Victoria Law Foundation, the director of Kirby Governance and a recipient of a Churchill Fellowship to research best practice community legal information. She is a judge of the Plain Language Awards and a recent past President and board member of Clarity, the international body promoting plain language in the law. Joh has received awards for her writing and community legal information projects. She is a sought-after keynote speaker and judge for plain English conferences around the world.

Carol Mackay

Director, Design Business Council

Carol Mackay is a designer and co-founder of the Design Business Council, an organisation founded in part to promote excellence in design and its role in a successful and sustainable business. Prior to the Design Business Council, Carol co-founded the successful graphic design studio Mackay Branson design. Carol has built a career focussed on helping the financial, legal, insurance, superannuation and service sectors use design to add clarity to their often complex message.

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