2019 Clear Communication Awards winners

Judges’ choice GOLD AWARD

Using personalised videos to improve outcomes
Best Digital entry / Best Financial entry

The judges thought the CBUS videos are a nice idea well executed.

“In an age of overcommunication and attention scarcity, The CBUS project takes on the very real challenge of getting customers to really understand how to make a change for themselves. CBUS took advantage of the customisation capacity of the digital medium and created simple, understandable communication that doesn’t flood the user with unnecessary marketing speak and a deluge of information. Using video as the novel approach to engagement is also disarming and effectively cuts through the daily maelstrom of communication.”

Winner Industry Award: Legal

Legal Vision
Legal Vision's Legal Content Strategy
Commercial in confidence

Winner Industry Award: Health

Raine & Makin / Commoner Films / True Agency
What is Palliative Care? Moments That Matter
Palliative Care Victoria

Winner Industry Award: Financial

Improving member outcomes through personalised video

Winner Industry Award: Public Sector

Synergy Group
Security is in our nature
The Department of Environment & Energy

Winner General Award: Easy English

Information Access Group
Australian Electoral Commission Easy English Voting Guides

Winner General Award: Infographic

Biotext Pty Ltd
Vaccine safety in Australia: AusVax Safety summary report 2016–17

Winner General Award: Form/letter/bill

New digital application for consumer disputes

Winner General Award: Digital

Improving member outcomes through personalised videos

Winner General Award: Print

Victoria Law Foundation
An introduction to the legal system in Victoria
Victoria Law Foundation

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