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How the world has changed. When I started work at the Victoria Law Foundation it was 2006 and while there was email and the internet only 55% of households had access to it. For me that meant a very SLOW dial-up connection – you had to really want to find something to wait the 20 minutes it took to connect. And mobiles weren’t any better. In 2006 my mobile phone was a smallish brick, didn’t take pictures and there was only one colour to send text messages – green.

Growing internet use

The last Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows a different story. In 2017 80% of the population have access to high quality internet at home and if you have children under 15 it jumps to 97%. These numbers are always increasing.

This increase has coincided with the development and spread of smart phones. No longer are we limited to siting at a computer to go online or send emails. We walk around all day with our heads in our phones watching videos, sending emails, looking for information. And while most data downloads still happen from fixed broadband our appetite for mobile data increased by 40.9% from June 2017 to June 2018.

So, what?

The way that we access information is changing and changing fast. Many organisations still bring a ‘pen and paper’ approach to the way that they prepare online information. But users – you and me – bring a digital approach to the way that we use it. We want to find information quickly and for it to be bite size. We don’t have the tolerance or desire to work hard and any difficulty will send us back to Google to find an alternative.

Enter the Clear Communication Awards

The Clear Communication Awards want to acknowledge information that works. Great design, great writing that focusses on helping people get where they want to go fast. Information for a digital world.

So, if you have a great project that you think stands out from the crowd and really works consider applying.

The awards open in June 2019.

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Joh Kirby

Joh Kirby is a co-founder of the Clear Communication Awards. For eight years she was the Executive Director of the Victoria Law Foundation providing education programs on the law to the community. She is a board member of Victoria Legal Aid, a board member and past president of Clarity, an international body promoting plain legal language. She sits on the Standards Working Group of the International Plain Language Federation and in 2010 received a Churchill Fellowship to investigate community legal education.

She uses her knowledge of clear communication to assist not-for-profits to develop better governance systems in her business Kirby Governance.

Joh Kirby

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